Image Name Training In Grants Mastery For Description Quote
basic_combat  Basic Combat (Bard Skill) Booze Chop

Crafting Recipe: Throw Squeezin's

Training in: Booze

Grants Mastery In: Chop

Strength +4

Fighting and Drinking comes naturally to a Bard. This skill is learned automatically and cannot be unlearned

strength_1 Strength 1 - - Strength +1 -
 placeholder Strength 2 - - Strength +1 -
 placeholder Strength 3 - - Strength +2 -
 placeholder Strength 4 - - Strength +2 -
 placeholder Juggler - - Passives:
Dual Wield: You may equip one-handed weapons in your off-hand.
 swordsman_novice Swordsman: Novice - Storm of Blades Grants Mastery In: Storm of Blades -
 bludgeon_novice Bludgeon: Novice - Head Knocker Grants Mastery In: Head Knocker -
 axeman_novice Axeman: Novice - Lumbering Strike Grants Mastery In: Lumbering Strike -
 1_handed_weapons_journeyman 1-Handed Weapons: Journeyman - - Strength +1 -
 swordsman_master Swordsman: Master - Passing Slash Grants Mastery In: Passing Slash -
 axe_master Axe: Master - Eviscerating Gash Grants Mastery In: Eviscerating Gash -
 bludgeon_master Bludgeon: Master - Foe Dropper Grants Mastery In: Foe Dropper -
 placeholder Critical Hit: Swords - - Passives:
Critical Hit-Swords: Sword abilities (Storm of Blades, Passing Slash, Sundering Smash, Sweeping Slash, All or Nothing, Last Breath) have a 20% chance to reset their cooldowns.
 placeholder Tireless - - Passives:
Tireless: Critical hits with Sword abilities a 50% chance to restore 1 Oppurtunity
 placeholder Flurry of Blows - - Passives:
Flurry: 20% increased Critical chance with Sword abilities
 placeholder Blood Hunter - - Passives:
Blood Hunter: 20% increased Critical chance with Axe abilities.
 placeholder Eviscerate - - Passives:
Eviscerate: Critical hits with Axe abilities add an additional stack of Bleed.
 placeholder Shockwave - - Passives:
Shockwave: Critical hits with Bludgeon abilities will also knock down combatants behind the target.
 placeholder Heaving Blow - - Passives:
Heaving Blow: 15% increased Critical chance with Bludgeon abilities.
 placeholder Critical Hit: Bludgeons - - Passives:
Critical Hit- Bludgeons: Bludgeon abilities (Head Knocker, Foe Dropper) have a 10% chance to knock the target down
 placeholder Critical Hit: Axes - - Passives: 
Critical Hit- Axes: Axe abilities ( Chop, Lumbering Strike, Evisorating Gash) have a 30% chance to cause the target to bleed

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