Image Name Training In Grants Mastery In Description Quote
  strength_1 Strength 1 - -


Strength +1


 placeholder Strength 2 - -

Strength +1


 placeholder Strength 3 - - Strength +2  
 placeholder Strength 4 - - Strength +2 -
 placeholder Murderer - - Passives:
Dual Wield: You May equip one-handed weapons in your off hand.
 basic_combat Basic Combat (Rogue ability) - Shiv

Grants Mastery In: Shiv

Strength +5

You don't become a rogue without knowing how to conceal a shiv and deliver a good shanking. This skill is learned automatically and cannot be unlearned.
 sniper_novice Sniper: Novice - Loose Arrow

Grants Mastery In: Loose Arrow

 sniper_journeyman Sniper: Journeyman - -

Strength +1

 sniper_master Sniper: Master - Rain of Arrows

Grant Mastery In: Rain of Arrows

 assassin Assassin - -

Assassin: Deal +8% damage for each enemy on the battlefield

Strength +3

Assassins revel the thrill of the hunt. They seek out the most challenging prey and take it down with vicious efficiency. By employing all manner of bows,blades, and poisons they're able to land brutal killing blows on even the hardest to reach enemies. True Assassins are invigorated by a challenge and excel at taking out well protected, high-priority targets.
 killer Killer - Razor Strop

Grants Mastery In: Razor Strop

 scrapper_novice Scrapper: Novice - Slinking Assault

Grants Mastery In: Slinking Assault

 scrapper_journeyman Scrapper: Journeyman - -

Strength +1

 scrapper_master Scrapper: Master - Blood for Blood

Grants Mastery In: Blood for Blood

 reckless Reckless - All Out Assault

Grants Mastery In: All Out Assault

 hitman Hitman Deathcap Poison -

Crafting Recipes: Deathcap Poision

Training In: Deathcap Poison

 dirty_fighter Dirty Fighter  -  -

Counter Attacker: Upon taking melee damage, you strike back at the attacker for 0 damage

When fighting for your life you must fight to win. There's no room for chivalry or ethics when in a fight to the death. Dirty Fighters understand this and will use any oppurtunity to land a blow in combat. The dirtiest of fighters will use every oppurtinity to sneak in a stab or two, even while being stabbed themselves.
 swordsman_novice Swordsman: Novice  - Storm of Blades Grants Mastery In: Storm of Blades  -
 swordsman_master Swordsman: Master  -  Passing Slash Grants Mastery In: Passing Slash  -
 placeholder Critical Hit: Bows & Daggers - - Passives:
Criitcal Hit- Daggers & Bows: Critical: Dagger and Bow abilities (Loose Arrow, Rain of Arrows, Shiv. Slinking Assault, Blood for Blood) have 10% chance to deal 50% additional damage.
 placeholder Barbed Edges - - Passives:
Barbed Edges: Critical hits with Dagger and Bow abilities deal 25% more damage
 placeholder Precise Targeting - - Passives:
Precise Targeting: 20% increaesed Critical chance with dagger and Bow abilities.
 placeholder Tireless - - Passives:
Tireless: Critical hits with Sword abilities have a 50% chance to restore 1 Opportunity
 placeholder Cornered Rat - - Passives:
Cornered Rat: 10% increased Critical chance for each dead ally
 placeholder Critical Hit: Swords - - Passives:
Critical Hit-Swords: Sword abilities (Storm of Blades, Passing Slash, Sundering Smash, Sweeping Slash, All or Nothing, Last Breath) have a 20% chance to reset their cooldowns.
 placeholder Flurry of Blows - - Passives:
Flurry: 20% increased Critical chance with Sword abilities

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