Baed Human is a Culture in The Bard's Tale IV. Culture describes the cultural environment that the characters had before embarking in their current quest. Because of their said background, it also gives them a passive trait depending where the characters are from.



Background Information for Baed Human

 Occupying the lowlands to the south, the Baed are the most 'civilized' of Caith's people. They are stocky, ruddy race of farmers and cowherds who live in stone walled towns ruled by hereditary lords.  Until recently, the Baeds worshipped  the traditional gods of Caith, simple deities of harvest and hearth and hedgerow, but the growing influence of the Fatherites has pushed the old cults underground.



Starting Passive of Baed Human

baedish studiesBaedish Studies - The Baed people are well-educated and clever. Gains 1 bonus skill point at levels 3, 10 and 18.



Notes and Trivia about Baed Human

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Dwarf  ♦  Einarr Human  ♦  Elf  ♦  Fichti Human  ♦  Outlander Human  ♦  Trow


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