Bard is a Class in The Bard's Tale IV. It is a semi-support class that creates buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies. The other half of its function is its ability in fights to conduct damage and special booze mechanic.



Background Information for Bards

Bards use Spell Points to tell stories so grand that they carry mystic properties along with them, imbuing the listener with the essence of the song. Bards provide powerful buffs and debuffs, and can be serviceable combatants in a pinch. Bards gain their power through good humor and a wet whistle, meaning they gain spell points and bonuses from drinking on the job



Starting abilities of Bards

sanctuary scoreSanctuary Score - Sing a protective song that shields allies from harm.



Notes and Trivia about Bards

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Fighter  ♦  Practitioner  ♦  Rogue

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