Consumables in The Bard's Tale IV are one-use items that give a specific effect which usually has a restorative effect.



Image Name Ability
meat Meat eat_meatEat Meat - The entire party regains 4 Constitution.
placeholder Throw Squeezin's

eat_meatThrow Squeezin's - Gain 2 Spell point and 1 stack of Drunk  cooldown_1

Max Drunk Stats: 5

placeholder Carrot

eat_meatEat Carrot - The entire party regains 2 Constitution

placeholder Water

eat_meatDrink Water - The entire party regains 3 Constitution.

bread Bread

eat_meatEat Bread - The entire party regains 5 Constitution.

healing_potion1 Healing Potion

potions_mastercraft_greater_healing_potionLesser Healing Potion - Heal 10 Constitution on a target ally.

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