Elf is a Culture in The Bard's Tale IV. Culture describes the cultural environment that the characters had before embarking in their current quest. Because of their said background, it also gives them a passive trait depending where the characters are from.



Background Information for Elf

 The home of the elves is the realm of Arboria, a place of endless forests and abundant magic that can only be reached by magic portal, and generally they stay there, engaging in internecine intrigues and ignoring the human realm entirety. Some come to the human world for sport, but others leave their own land behind to help and protect humankind.



Starting Passive of Elf

elf iconElven Wisdom - Elves are a well-educated race with innate magical abilities. Elves have +30% Intelligence and +1 maximum Spell Points.



Notes and Trivia about Elf

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Baed Human  ♦  Dwarf  ♦  Einarr Human  ♦  Fichti Human  ♦  Outlander Human  ♦  Trow


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