Starting Attributes

Strength  2
Constitution  8
Armor Class  0
Intelligence  0
Spell Points  1

Fighter is a Class in The Bard's Tale IV. They are the frontliners that can receive significant damage and deal just as much on those in the front.



Background Information for Fighter

 Fighters may be brutish berserkers who fling themselves headlong in the battle and use their generally superior stats to carry them through the fight , or they may be more tactical fighters who can duel with an opponent and come out unscathed. Either way, fighters belong at the front of your group, trading blows with enemies and protecting you more fragile characters, while conversely being supported by those they protect.



Starting abilities of Fighter

taunt Taunt - Insult an enemy and invoke his ire , causing that enemy to charge the fighter, ignoring the rest of the party.



Notes and Trivia about Fighter

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Bard  ♦  Practitioner  ♦  Rogue


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