Grand Magician

Skill Tree Spellcraft (Practictioner Skill Tree)
Training ??
Mastery Vorpal Plating

Grand Magician is a Practitioner Skill in The Bard's Tale IV: Barrow's Deep. Skills are unlocked in the "Skills" tab and require Skill Points. Some skills add attributes, while others unlock Abilities. Abilities are special attacks with varying targeting that depend on the Weapons you have equipped. You may unlock Mastery for an ability and place it in your Mastery Book to be able to use it without needing its original weapon.



Grand Magician Effect

Spell Points +2

Magicians study the art of enchantment. They import magical properties onto inanimate objects. This can be used capriciously or helpfully. They can remove the gravity from your pants and make you float away, charge the air in front of you with blinding light, or inbue your weapon with magical properties. Its best to be on a magicians's good side.



Grand Magician Skill Trees



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