Items in The Bard's Tale IV would include the numerous miscellaneous, materials,  upgrades and key items.





Consumables in The Bard's Tale IV are one-use items that give a specific effect which usually has a restorative effect.



Image Name Ability
meat Meat eat_meatEat Meat - The entire party regains 4 Constitution.
placeholder Throw Squeezin's

eat_meatThrow Squeezin's - Gain 2 Spell point and 1 stack of Drunk  cooldown_1

Max Drunk Stats: 5

placeholder Carrot

eat_meatEat Carrot - The entire party regains 2 Constitution

placeholder Water

eat_meatDrink Water - The entire party regains 3 Constitution.

bread Bread

eat_meatEat Bread - The entire party regains 5 Constitution.

healing_potion1 Healing Potion

potions_mastercraft_greater_healing_potionLesser Healing Potion - Heal 10 Constitution on a target ally.


Materials in The Bard's Tale IV are items that are used for crafting various items in the game.




Image Name Description
fairy_dust Fairy Dust

Will-o-the- Wisps leave this stuff behind. It's a topic of much debate as to what exactly it is. It might be best not to think about.

This item can be used for crafting.

 bone_shards Bone Shards

Bone Shards harvested from an animal

This item can be used in crafting.

placeholder Wood

The flesh of the tree harvested and cut into evenly sized planks.

This item can be used for crafting.

placeholder Sugar

Pure granulated sweetness. Goes well on everything

This item can be used for crafting.

grain Grain

A handful of hard grain used in various recipes.

This item can be used for crafting.

placeholder Malefian Essence

This dust is what remains after a demon is slain. It is quite rare, as it tends to blow before it can be gathered.

This item can be used for crafting



Miscellaneous in The Bard's Tale IV are the numerous items which may or may not have an unspecified usage.



Image Name Description
bluebell_seed Bluebell Seed This striking gem comes from the land of the elves.
lockpick Lockpick Requires training in: Lockpick
Disposable tools designed to bypass locks. Only trained rogues can make use of these tools
grappling_hook Grappling Hook Typically made of three or more metal hooks attached to a length of rope. Grappling hooks are normally thrown into an inaccessible area in the hopes of snagging something that will allow adventurers to gain access to the said area via the rope, completely ignoring the fact that the area may be inaccessible for a very good reason. It is also important to keep in mind that one should hold the end of the rope when throwing the grappling hook so as not to lose the whole device


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