Lore in The Bard's Tale IV would talk about the world of Skara Brae. From notebooks, stories of NPCs or just the environment the world have many ways to tell the story of the land and its other histories. In this page would compile all said stories and information.


The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep takes place in Caith, a land of rolling hills and ancient standing stones, of deep woods and living gods, and of windswept islands and dark secrets. You start your adventure in Skara Brae, a bustling seaport, and from there travel to the Baedish lowlands, the Forest of Inshriach, and the Stennish Isles. There will be villains to fight, companions to meet, traps to avoid, puzzles to solve, songs to sing, lore to learn, weapons of great power to discover, and of course, a story to be told.

Dark days have returned to Skara Brae. The Temple of the Swordfather threatens the Adventurer’s Guild, blaming it for the malevolent magics and monsters that terrorize the populace. If you ever want to live in peace again, you, as an adventurer in good standing, must discover the true culprits behind these attacks, and learn why your beloved city is once again the center of a maelstrom of evil.

Good luck, adventurer.

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