Padded Armor Boots

Effect Passive
Fleet Footed- Move: Move may be used twice in this turn
Value  8

Padded Armor Boots is a pair of Boots in The Bard's Tale IV: Barrow's Deep. Armor is an equipable item that occupies the Body slot and provides the wearer with defensive bonuses during combat.



Padded Armor Boots Information

Requires training in: Leather Armor
Slot: Boots

These lightweight boots are preferred by skirmishers, providing maximum maneuverability in a fight.



Where to find Padded Armor Boots

  • After using the bomb in removing the obstacle in Skara Brae Below, there will be a group of enemies on the other side. Defeating them gives the boots.



Padded Armor Boots Abilities

 moveMove- Move to a nearby space.castrange2cooldown_1



Notes and Trivia

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