Starting Attributes

Strength 2
Armor Class
Spell Points

Practitioner is a Class in The Bard's Tale IV. The traditional glass cannons, massive damage or summons that provide massive game impact but may be frail in the face of damage.



Background Information for Practitioner

 Practitioners are masters manipulators of magic. They excel at generating Spell Points and using them to unleash powerful spells to great effect. Practitioners can summon powerful monsters or assault crowds of enemies with gouts of fire, bolts of lightning, and psychic maelstorms. 

Among practitioners, there are several established disciplines; Conjurors, Magicians , Sorcerers, Wizards and Archmages.



Starting abilities of Practitioner

sanctuary_scoreArcane Barrage - Launch a bolt of pure arcane energy directly forward.



Notes and Trivia about Practitioner

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Bard  ♦  Fighter  ♦  Rogue


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