Image Ability Name Cast Range Effects
shiv Shiv  cast_range3

Deal 3 Physical to first enemy in target column. Crit: 10% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.

loose_arrow Loose Arrow -

Deal 2 Physical to target enemy. Crit: deal 10% to 50% bonus damage

razor_sharp Razor Strop -

Battle Read; Channel 1 For 3 turns, each attack deals 1 bonus physical damage.

slinking_assault Slinking Assault cast_range4

Deal 4 Physical to first enemy in range and move backwards.

blood_for_blood Blood For Blood cast_range7

Battle Ready. Deal 5 Physical to target enemy and take 2 Physical

all_out_assault All Out Assault -

Battle Ready. Your next attack does 100% bonus damage. After you attack you're rooted and take 100% bonus damage from enemy attacks for one turn.

deathcap_poison_apply_deathcap_poison Deathcap Poison - Apply Deathcap Poison -

Battle Ready; Channel 1
Apply Deathcap poison to your weapons that lasts for 2 turns. Any enemy struck with a poisoned weapon is poisoned for 2 turns. If this channel is interrupted this adventurer is poisoned instead.

rain_of_arrows Rain of Arrows -

Deal 3 Physical to all enemies standing in marked spaces at the start of your next turn. Marks target space and spaces to left and right. Crit: 30% chance to deal  50% bonus damage.

straw_man Straw Man - Strawman castrange2

Deploy your strawman to create a decoy of yourself. The first rogue to take damage is revealed as the decoy and is destroyed

shadow_power_bomb Shadow Power Bomb - Shadow Powder -

Turn a target ally invisible

disguise_kit Disguise Kit - Disguise -

Throw off your disguise and reveal your true position. Swap places with another party member.

 hide_in_shadows Hide in Shadows - Battle Ready
Become invisible for up to 2 turns or until you attack. Gain +20% strength when attacking from stealth.
Out of combat - reduce enemy vision range by 75% for a short time.
paranoia_poison Paranoia Poison - Apply Paranoia Poison - Battle Read; Channel 1
Apply paranoia poison to your weapon that lasts for 2 turns. Any enemy struck with a poisoned weapon is terrified for 2 turns. If this channel is interrupted then this adventurer is terrified instead.
 coldcock Coldcock - Battle Ready. Deal 3 Mental to first enemy in range. 25% to cause stunned.
lesser_draught_of_power Lesser Draught of Power - Gain 10 strength for 2 turns.
potions_advanced_lesser_elixer_of_focus Potions Advanced - Lesser Elixer of Focus - Potions Advanced - Lesser Elixer of Focus
potions_advanced_lesser_elixer_of_armor Potions Advanced - Lesser Tonic of Armor - Target ally gains 4 Armor for 2 turns.
potions_mastercraft_greater_healing_potion Potions Mastercraft - Greater Healing Potion - Restore 35 Constitution to a target ally.
potions_mastercraft_greater_draught_of_power Potions Mastercraft - Greater Draught of Power - Target ally gain 25 Strength for 2 turns.
potions_mastercraft_greater_elixir_of_focus Potions Mastercraft - Greater Elixer of Focus - Target ally gains 3 Spell Points and 66% increased Intelligence for 2 turns
potions_mastercraft_greater_tonic_of_armor Potions Mastercraft - Greater Tonic of Armor - Target ally gains to Armor for 2 turns.
throw_bomb Throw Bomb - Throw a Fairy powder bomb. The bomb detonates when the fuse counter reaches 0. Deals 4 physical damage, and deals half damage to adjacent spaces.
dragons_bile_bomb Dragon's Bile Bomb - Throw a vile of acid at the target location, creating 3 bile puddles that last for 2 turns.? Targets caught in the acid puddle are lit on fire.
scatter_caltrops Scatter Caltrops castrange1 Throw caltrops at all target spaces. Direct hits deal 1 Physical. Empty spaces gain caltrops, dealing 6 True and Rooting enemies that move onto them. Caltrops last 2 turns.

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