Image Name Training In Grants Mastery For Description Quotes
 mages_apprentice Mage's Apprentice - Charge Bolt, Arcane Barrage Grants Mastery In: Charged Bolt, Arcane Barrage Practitioners learn basics of magic by practicing with hand-me-down enchanted items are given to them by their masters. This skill is learned automatically and cannot be unlearned.
 placeholder Soul Leech  - - Passives:
Soul Leech: Critical: Attacks with Spells have a 20% chance to restore 1 Spell Point to the Caster.
 placeholder Greater Soul Leech - - Passives:
Greater Leech: 10% increased Critical chance with Spells.
 placeholder Soul Stealer - - Passives:
Soul Stealer: Critical hits with Spells will restore 1 extra Spell Point to the caster and remove 1 Spell Point from the target
 sorcerer_novice Sorcerer: Novice - Magnar's Mind Jab Grants Mastery In: Magnar's Mind Jab -
 sorcerer_journeyman Sorcerer: Journeyman - - Intelligence +2 -
 sorcerer_master Sorcerer: Master - Oscon's Halt Foe Grants Mastery In: Oscon's Halt Foe  
 grand_sorcerer Grand Sorcerer - -

Grand Sorcerer: Gain 1 Spell Point whenever an enemy gains a Spell Point.

Intelligence +3

Sorcerers deal in illusions and tricks of the mind. They excel at invading the minds of the enemy and implanting thoughtsthat foil well well laid plans. They're able to infiltrate your thoughts and break your concentration with Mind Jabs and summon terrifying illusions. Grand Sorcerers are so tapped into the thoughts of their opponents they can symphathetically gain spell points when their opponents do.
 placeholder Psychic Backlash - -

Psychic Backlash: Upon taking Mental damage while channeling, deal 0 mental damage back to the attacker.

 conjuror_novice Conjuror: Novice - Dragon's Breath Grants Mastery In: Dragon Breath -
 conjuror_journeyman Conjuror: Journeyman - - Strength +2 -
 conjuror_master Conjuror: Master - Warstrike Grants Mastery In: Warstrike -
 grand_conjuror Grand Conjuror - -

Grand Conjuror: Enemies hit by your spells gain a Conjuror's Mark until the end of your turn. The next attack they're stuck by detonates this mark for 0 Physical Damage.

Strength +4

Grand Conjurors coalesce the elemental forces around them and focus them into a weapon of destruction . They excel at dealing massive damage against groups of enemies with sweeping Dragon's Breaths, rapid-fire Arcane Bolts, and arcing Warstrikes. Grand Conjurors are capable of leaving unstable Conjuror's Marks on their targets that explode from the slightest disturbance, amplifying their area damage.
 archmage Archmage  - Spectre Touch, Mangar's Mallet, Summon Herb

Arch Mage: Deal +1 damage for each Spell Point you possess when attacking with spells.

Grants Mastery In: Spectre Touch, Mangar's Mallet, Summon Herb

Strength +4

All Practitioners strive their entire lives to reach the ranks of the Arch Mages. Only the most studied and dedicated of Practitioners are able to reach this hallowed status of magical practice. By mastering at least 3 of the four magical schools they can unlock the secrets of the universe and wield the most powerful spells in existence.
 wizard_novice Wizard: Novice - Gate Grants Master In: Gate -
 wizard_journeyman Wizard: Journeyman  - - Constitution +3 -
 wizard_master Wizard: Master - Prime Summoning Grants Mastery In: Prime Summoning -
 grand_summoner Grand Summoner - -

Grand Summoner: Summoned beings have +4 Armor

Constitution: +6

Wizards bargain with the damned realm of Melefia for assistance of demons. They're able to summon shadowy wraiths, summon spirits to occupy the bodies of the dead, and the greatest wizards among us, known as Grand Summoners, can call upon the power of the mighty and mysterious Herb.
magician_novice Magician: Novice Feathered Charm - Training In: Feathered Charm -
 magician_journeyman Magician: Journeyman - - Spell Points +1 -
 magician_master Magician: Master - -

Intelligence +1

Strength +2

 grand_magician Grand Magician - Vorpal Plating Spell Points +2 Magicians study the art of enchantment. They import magical properties onto inanimate objects. This can be used capriciously or helpfully. They can remove the gravity from your pants and make you float away, charge the air in front of you with blinding light, or inbue your weapon with magical properties. Its best to be on a magicians's good side.

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