Splintered Staff

Effects constitutionConstitution+2
Value  17

Splintered Staff is a Weapon in The Bard's Tale IV: Barrow's Deep. Staffs are used to focus arcane energy. They are used by Practitioners



Splintered Staff Information

Requires Training in Practitioner
Slot: Main Hand

A tall, splintered, gem-topped staff that helps conduct and focus arcane energy. This one has seen much hard use.



Where to find Splintered Staff

  • In Skara Brae Below, when encountering the large Fatherite patrol in which the adventurer must sneak through. There will be an open ruined building to the left in the route between the waypoint with the Fachan battle and the entrance to the patroled area. Inside would be a chest containing the item.


Splintered Staff Abilities

 eat_meatAbility - Effect



Notes and Trivia

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