Trow is a Culture in The Bard's Tale IV. Culture describes the cultural environment that the characters had before embarking in their current quest. Because of their said background, it also gives them a passive trait depending where the characters are from.



Background Information for Trow

 Short , scrappy and mischievous, trow are both loved and feared by the people of Caith. The old tales say a trow around the house is good luck, and some people leave out food for them. The Fatherites say they are dirty thieves who will sicken babies in their cribs. Really, they're just ordinary folk, trying to get along as best they can - which sometimes means taking advantage of human generosity.



Starting Passive of Trow

trows advantageTrow's Advantage - Ever the opportunists, the Trow's party gains one Opportunity when a Trow adventurer lands a killing blow. This may happen only once per turn.



Notes and Trivia about Trow

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Baed Human  ♦  Dwarf  ♦  Einarr Human  ♦  Elf  ♦  Fichti Human  ♦  Outlander Human


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