Throw Squeezin's

throw squeezings item
Value  1

Throw Squeezin's is a Consumable in The Bard's Tale IV: Barrow's Deep. Consumables are one-use items that give a specific effect which usually has a restorative effect.



Throw Squeezin's Information

Requires training in: Booze

 The poorest of the poor brew, this rancid rotgut in rainbarrels. It taste of sorrow and regret, but hey, it's cheap.



Where to find Throw Squeezin's

 Some can be found in the crates inside crates in Skara Brae



Throw Squeezin's Abilities

 booze throwinThrow Squeezin's - Gain 2 Spell point and 1 stack of Drunk  cooldown 1

Max Drunk Stats: 5



Notes and Trivia

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Bread  ♦  Carrot  ♦  Healing Potion  ♦  Meat  ♦  Water


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