The skill tree is broken into three tiers. To unlock the second tier of skills you must spend 8 skill points. To unlock the third tier, you must spend an additional 16 points in the 2nd tier. To unlock each new tier you'll have to travel to the Adventurers' Guild to be judged worthy of advancement by the review board.

Bard Skill Trees




Image Name Training In Grants Mastery For Description Quotes
 hot_crossb_buns Hot Cross Buns Bones Sanctuary Score

Grants mastery In: Sanctuary Score

Spell Points +2

Intelligence +3

Every Bard's first instrument is the simple but portable musical bones. This skill is learned automatically and cannot be unlearned.

spell_point_1 Spell Points 1 - - Spell Points +1 -
 placeholder Spell Points 2 - - Spell Points +1 -
 warchanter_novice Warchanter: Novice - Kael's Rudiment

Grants mastery In: Kael's Rudiment


 warchanter_journeymany Warchanter: Journeyman - -

Constitution +2

 warchanter_master Warchanter: Master - The Archer's Beat

Grant Mastery in: The Archer's Beat

 grand_warchanter Grand Warchanter - -

Passives: War Chanter: Your party gains +1 Strength at the end of each turn as long as this character lives.

Constitution +5

 troubadour_novice Troubadour: Novice - Wayland's Watch

Grants Mastery In: Wayland's Watch

 troubadour_journeyman Troubadour: Journeyman  -  - Intelligence +1 -
 troubadour_master Troubador: Master - Song of Compulsory Cavorting Grants Mastery In: Song of Compulsory Cavorting -
 grand_troubadour Grand Troubadour - -


Troubadour: At the start of combat , one enemy falls in love with the Bard up to 3 turns or until it takes damage.

Intelligence +3

Troubadours use string instruments to play love songs which beguiles enemies, rendering them nearly harmless. Legends tell of a few master Troubadours who sang a Song 
rabble-rouser_novice Rabble-Rouser: Novice - Rhyme of Duotine Graints Master In: Rhyme of Duotine -
rabble_rouser-journeyman Rabble-Rouser: Journeyman - - Strength +1 -
rabble_rouser-master Rabble-Rouser: Master - Falkentyne's Fury Graints Master In: Falkentyne's Fury -
grand_rabble_rouser Grand Rabble Rouser - - Strength +3 Rabble-Rousers use powerful horns to whip their party into a frenzy with supernatural songs of fervor. They're capable of making their allies move at super natural speed and hit harder than ever before. Grand Rablle- Rousers make their party stronger with their mere presence.
 minstrel_novice Minstrel: Novice - Spellsong Grants Mastery In: Spellsong -
 minstrel_journeyman Minstrel: Journeyman - - Spell Points +1 -
 minstrel_master Minstrel: Master - Lyric of Legends Grants Mastery In: Lyric of Legends -
 grand_minstrel Grand Minstrel - -


Minstrel: Your party gains +10 Constitution at the end of each combat.

Spell Points +2

 Minstrels use wind instruments to play songs that celebrate the deeds of the party and drive them to new heights. Minstrels, with their music, impart Spell points and Opportunity to their party which can allow them to perform deeds truly worthy of legend.
 placeholder Intelligence 1 - - Intelligence +2 -
 placeholder Intelligence 2  -  - Intelligence +2 -
 placeholder Intelligence 3  -  - Intelligence +3 -
 placeholder Intelligence 4  -  - Intelligence +3 -


Image Name Training In Grants Mastery For Description Quote
basic_combat  Basic Combat (Bard Skill) Booze Chop

Crafting Recipe: Throw Squeezin's

Training in: Booze

Grants Mastery In: Chop

Strength +4

Fighting and Drinking comes naturally to a Bard. This skill is learned automatically and cannot be unlearned

strength_1 Strength 1 - - Strength +1 -
 placeholder Strength 2 - - Strength +1 -
 placeholder Strength 3 - - Strength +2 -
 placeholder Strength 4 - - Strength +2 -
 placeholder Juggler - - Passives:
Dual Wield: You may equip one-handed weapons in your off-hand.
 swordsman_novice Swordsman: Novice - Storm of Blades Grants Mastery In: Storm of Blades -
 bludgeon_novice Bludgeon: Novice - Head Knocker Grants Mastery In: Head Knocker -
 axeman_novice Axeman: Novice - Lumbering Strike Grants Mastery In: Lumbering Strike -
 1_handed_weapons_journeyman 1-Handed Weapons: Journeyman - - Strength +1 -
 swordsman_master Swordsman: Master - Passing Slash Grants Mastery In: Passing Slash -
 axe_master Axe: Master - Eviscerating Gash Grants Mastery In: Eviscerating Gash -
 bludgeon_master Bludgeon: Master - Foe Dropper Grants Mastery In: Foe Dropper -
 placeholder Critical Hit: Swords - - Passives:
Critical Hit-Swords: Sword abilities (Storm of Blades, Passing Slash, Sundering Smash, Sweeping Slash, All or Nothing, Last Breath) have a 20% chance to reset their cooldowns.
 placeholder Tireless - - Passives:
Tireless: Critical hits with Sword abilities a 50% chance to restore 1 Oppurtunity
 placeholder Flurry of Blows - - Passives:
Flurry: 20% increased Critical chance with Sword abilities
 placeholder Blood Hunter - - Passives:
Blood Hunter: 20% increased Critical chance with Axe abilities.
 placeholder Eviscerate - - Passives:
Eviscerate: Critical hits with Axe abilities add an additional stack of Bleed.
 placeholder Shockwave - - Passives:
Shockwave: Critical hits with Bludgeon abilities will also knock down combatants behind the target.
 placeholder Heaving Blow - - Passives:
Heaving Blow: 15% increased Critical chance with Bludgeon abilities.
 placeholder Critical Hit: Bludgeons - - Passives:
Critical Hit- Bludgeons: Bludgeon abilities (Head Knocker, Foe Dropper) have a 10% chance to knock the target down
 placeholder Critical Hit: Axes - - Passives: 
Critical Hit- Axes: Axe abilities ( Chop, Lumbering Strike, Evisorating Gash) have a 30% chance to cause the target to bleed


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