Einarr Human is a Culture in The Bard's Tale IV. Culture describes the cultural environment that the characters had before embarking in their current quest. Because of their said background, it also gives them a passive trait depending where the characters are from.



Background Information for Einarr Human

 Descended from the raiding peoples beyond the north sea, the Einarr live on the east coast of Caith and the many islands that dot the sea beyond it. They are the tallest and fairest of all the people of Caith, and work as fishermen and shepherds and traders. Geographically separated from the Baed, they continue to worship the gods of their northern ancestors.



Starting Passive of Einarr Human

einarr templeEinarr Temper - These tall and powerful people have a legendary ability to hold a grudge. Each time they're struck in combat, they gain +1 Strength for the remainder of the fight.



Notes and Trivia about Einarr Human

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Baed Human  ♦  Dwarf  ♦  Elf  ♦  Fichti Human  ♦  Outlander Human  ♦  Trow


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