Starting Attributes

Strength  3
Constitution  5
Armor Class  0
Intelligence  1
Spell Points  0

Rogue is a Class in The Bard's Tale IV. Rogues are your stealth utility character. Providing critical strikes from the safety of the shadows. 



Background Information for Rogue

Rogues excel at deception, misdirection , and finding the perfect opportunity to circumvent enemy defenses and land devastating killing blows on key targets. Rogues are also a clever bunch, lending a helping hand when disarming traps or negotiating with merchants. Rogues have the unique ability to conceal your party, making it easier to avoid or ambush enemies.



Starting abilities of Rogue

sanctuary_scoreHide in Shadows - Slip away into the shadows, making it impossible for enemies to target you with direct attacks. Attacks launched from the shadows deal bonus damage but reveal your position.



Notes and Trivia about Rogue

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Bard  ♦  Fighter  ♦  Practitioner


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